Acupuncture Sports Medicine


Board Certified In Orthopedic and Sports Acupuncture treatment from a nationally accredited program.

Welcome to Vermont Sports Acupuncture Clinic, located in Burlington, Vermont.   Our clinic specializes in the treatment and care for any sports injuries or orthopedic issues. We combine the best traditional acupuncture with the most up-to-date, evidence-based treatment methodologies to offer options for patients searching for restorative therapies or just to support an active lifestyle.

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If you are suffering from a nagging sports injury, back pain, neck pain, headaches, acute or chronic injuries, or if you are trying to get to the next level in training, rehabilitation of an injury, or simply trying to live better, this is the clinic for you!



Michael Jager

"Desperation to Transformation. I know, I know, it sounds dramatic, but it’s also true. My experience with Shane and his unique knowledge-based practice has been just that.  Positively dramatic.

From a position of desperation and pain - Shane insightfully, calmly and empathetically listened and guided me to a transformed place of relief.  He educated me throughout the process as to what he believed was needed, and why, and how I could maintain a healthier state of being. Thank you! Thank you!"

Geoff G., Olympic Team USA Bobsled

"I came to Shane after talking to him in the gym about a series of nagging injuries including a pulled hamstring. After just one visit I already felt like I was on the right path. A few more visits and I was back to normal. As a bobsled athlete I put a lot of stress on my body, not only competing but training as well. We are in the gym lifting as a power lifter would, then we turn around walk out to a track and run like a sprinter. Recovery has become a very important element to staying healthy. I get asked a lot where and who does work on my body. Often times Shane is at the top of the list because he can release points most masseuse can't get to."